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What else are we getting wrong?

I like reading history of science and, as a working academic, I am amused by theories that used to be widely accepted yet false, such as the miasmatic theory of disease or the phlogiston theory of combustion. The examples are numerous enough to have their own Wikipedia Category. It makes me wonder which of the current orthodoxies are as spectacularly misguided (this is my personal bet). But the most challenging exercise is to think about my own discipline, the theory of programming languages, and think if any of the (sometimes unstated) dogmas could be utterly wrong.

I think asking ourselves this question is a useful exercise in critical thinking even though it sounds like trolling. First of all, it is justified, if we consider the historical trajectory of mainstream programming languages in terms of improving programmer productivity. I don't have a precise definition of what programmer productivity means, but I certainly don't mean KLOC/week or something silly like that. Let…

Welcome to my blog

This is a continuation of my old blog, The Lab Lunch. My old posts remain there. The main topics I covered in that blog are:
game semantics, an interactive approach to denotational semanticsGeometry of Synthesis, a new approach to high-level synthesisprogramming languages, the general area in which I do researchproof assistants, such as Coq or Agdaseamless computing, a new way to compile for distributed systemssystem level semantics, a syntax-independent semantics of languagesteaching mathematics, especially algebra, to childrenanticomputationalism, my attempt to refute the most fashionable theory of mind I am moving my blog here both due to regular failures of my old installation and because I want to perhaps express some non-work-related opinions in the future.